• Camie Dudziak

A Sappy New Year's Post

“It’s like going to see a really great band live… and no one’s saying it, but everyone’s thinking it… we have something to believe in again.”

As I sit here writing this, on an airplane from Boston to Chicago, I am at an absolute loss for words. This past year has been so incredibly challenging, difficult, rewarding, promising, heartbreaking, hopeful, and every other adjective you could possibly think to place in this sentence. I lost people who were the reason I ever decided I wanted to be involved in the music industry, and that tore me apart. For a while after, I told myself that there was no way I was going to let myself work in an environment that could make me feel absolutely awful. Music has always been the most important force in the universe to me, and losing my faith in it was devastating. Fast forward a couple months, I have come to realize that that, the way music can make me feel something greater than myself, is exactly the reason I want to work in music. If I have enough passion for it that hearing a single chord could break my heart, it is something I am truly invested in for the long-haul.

2017 was filled with devastatingly low lows, but absolutely outstanding highs. This past year, I attended roughly 20 concerts in four different cities and two different countries. I flew overseas to see All Time Low, Waterparks, and SWMRS, and I truly believe that that was the start of something special. I saw bands like Waterparks six times, All Time Low three times, Call Me Karizma 5 times, all in just 12 months. I made amazing friends through these shows, I met so many musicians who changed my life in ways I’ll never be able to thank them for. I loved, I lost, but most importantly, I lived a life that I can look back on now and say, “this is how I want it to be forever. This is the start of something special.”

I don’t know where I’ll be at this time next year, but I know I’m on to something. I know this is going to be a crazy ride, but I’m ready to start this adventure. Here’s to making 2018 even more exhilarating than 2017, and here’s to the music that gave me something to believe in again.

Happy New Years.

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