• Camie Dudziak

Album Review: Entertainment // Waterparks

The most heart-wrenching and emotional album was released on Friday, and it is truly something Waterparks and Awsten Knight should be incredibly proud of. While obviously filled with touching lyrics, the album still manages to pull together a variety of songs, from upbeat to slow love songs, in a way that is tied together seamlessly. From Blonde, a faster, upbeat song, to the slower acoustics, the album presents itself in a way that allows the listener a song for every emotion or genre.

After every single Waterparks released, I said that Waterparks has grown incredibly as a band. After listening through the entire album, Entertainment has proved just that. Awsten’s vocals, the intricacy of the instruments, the production, and the overall quality of the songs has increased tremendously from their first album. This was an album well worth the wait, and it tells a story, one that I, personally, can relate to.

The album has something for everyone. Waterparks gets a lot of (undeserved) heat in the industry, and if you were someone who didn’t like Waterparks before, give this album a try. It might just change your opinion. Congratulations Awsten, Geoff, and Otto. You released something I genuinely love from top-to-bottom.

Top Tracks: We Need to Talk, Peach (Lobotomy), Not Warriors, Lucky People.

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