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Album Review: 94.3 The Reel // Kid Quill (10/13/17)

Here’s an album from a little bit of a different genre than Neck Deep and Issues (maybe a lot-a-bit different), but I’ve listened to it every day since I heard it the first time. I might be slightly biased due to the fact that I have a small (big) crush on Kid Quill, but I’m always going to try to make music reviews based on just that – the music itself, despite who the artist is.

94.3 The Reel, as I said, has become one of my top albums from this year. Listening from top to bottom, it sets itself up as a radio station would, with interviews, ads, and skits scattered in-between the songs themselves. The music is catchy, genuine, emotional, upbeat, etc., and I find myself quoting random lyrics from different songs all the time. Kid Quill put an obvious amount of energy into making this album, and it shows in every single song. One of the most unique parts is the fact that there is a phone number said in one of the ads – if you call or text this number, it goes straight to Kid Quill, who will actually respond! To me, that’s an artist who genuinely cares about their fans and wants to connect with them.

One of my favorite tracks off of this album is The Opener. While I have never performed on stage, I like to think I know a little bit about the behind-the-scenes of the music industry. Hearing it rapped about in The Opener and his personal experiences with being a supporting act put into words what musicians go through while on tour, which I think is really interesting and cool. Maybe it’s just me, but I think musicians making songs about the music industry might be my new favorite thing.

Overall, this album was put together in a unique and creative way, and it turned out spectacular. Kid Quill is an artist who deserves to have a bigger fan-base, and I whole-heartedly believe he will get there (but please don’t forget about me when you do! Still waiting for that Boston show). I completely recommend this album to everyone looking for a good time.

Top tracks: The Opener, Playlist, Small Talk

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