Album Review: ATTENTION ATTENTION // Shinedown (5/6/18)

Shinedown has been such a cool band to watch grow, experiment, and change. On May 4th, they dropped a new album, “ATTENTION ATTENTION.” The album is incredible for them, as it brings their classic rock feel while pulling in elements of modern pop music. Each song off the album is unique and brings a new feeling and experimentation with sound and production while still tying the songs together into a cohesive album. No two songs sound too similar, which is something I personally really appreciate. The album ranges from rock to songs with electronic elements to slower songs on piano.

I am personally a sucker for slower songs, so “special,” the 12th song off the album, is my personal favorite. As well as that, I love “GET UP,” “MONSTERS,” and “BRILLIANT.” If you’re into Rock and Roll, make sure you listen to this new album. Shinedown has always been such a classic and iconic band to me and many others, and they completely deserve the recognition they get, and deserve even more. Make sure you give “ATTENTION ATTENTION” a listen.

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