• Camie Dudziak

Album Review: beerbongs & bentleys // Post Malone (4/29/18)

On Friday, April 27th, Post Malone dropped his new album “beerbongs & bentleys.” I

knew very little about Post Malone going into this, but in an attempt to expand my musical horizons, I decided to listen to this album with an open mind.

I listened to the album top to bottom, no interruptions. I enjoyed the first song off the album, Paranoid, and added it to my “Music in 2018” Spotify playlist. As the rest of the album continued, it flowed from song to song to a point where I wouldn’t even realize that a new song started. While flow is good, I found that each of the songs sounded a little too similar for my liking. Given that the album is lengthy with a total of 18 songs, I was hoping for more diversity.

I’m not saying the album is bad or boring. There are some great songs with great lyrics that are definitely going to be used as Instagram captions in the next coming weeks. I just hoped that there would be something more attention grabbing from such a talked-about album.

If you’re a huge Post Malone fan, you’ll probably love this album. If you know little about him, like me, then you’ll probably like a few songs. My favorite songs were Paranoid and Stay. Either way, give this album a chance. You might love it, you might hate it, but ultimately, it’s your decision.

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