• Camie Dudziak

Am I Pretty (Acoustic) // The Maine (6/3/18)

The Maine has been super busy lately, and they have just announced an album to come out on June 22nd. The album will be a compilation of acoustic versions of songs from their previous albums, called “Less Noise: A Collection Of Songs By A Band Called The Maine.” First to be released was an acoustic rendition of “Am I Pretty?”, off of American Candy.

I’m a sucker for acoustic songs. I almost always prefer acoustic versions over the originals. I feel like it puts more emphasis on the lyrics and the voice. The guitar is more intricate and just adds a more delicate feel.

The Maine has always been incredibly talented at taking their own songs and turning it into something completely different in an acoustic version. It almost sounds like a completely different song, and it captivates your attention. Am I Pretty?’s acoustic rendition specifically is so calm and soothing.

I’m stoked for this acoustic album, and am so ready to see The Maine kill it on Warped Tour this summer!

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