• Camie Dudziak

Aphrodite // wolfi (1/22/18)

To start this off, I just wanted to say happy birthday for the third time to one of the nicest upcoming musicians I’ve had the chance to talk to. Wishing you all the best this year with everything you do and your music!

On that note, wolfi released a new song last night - Aphrodite. A more upbeat song than some of his other releases, the single provides a fun, pop-ish beat that you can definitely jam to if you’re in the mood for a good party vibe. The lyrics fit the vibe of the single perfectly, and this is definitely one of my favorite songs he’s ever put out. I looked at the lyrics before hearing the song, and it was something I was genuinely excited about because they were something that could be taken in many different directions, but what he did with them was a good move. While this pop style isn’t all wolfi is about, it is something he can definitely grow a fan base off of, and sets a foundation for the rest of his music. It’s something I’ll be playing when I’m in a good mood, and I’ve already started to show it to other new-music junkies like myself.

While this single won’t be a part of it, wolfi is anticipating the release of a new album, White, coming out sometime this year, most likely in the summer. The profits from this album will all go to To Write Love on Her Arms, a non-profit organization that focuses on mental health issues. They have travelled with Warped Tour in the past, and it is one of my personal favorite organizations. Donating profits like this is a big move for a starting artist like wolfi, but it is something that has 100% earned my respect, and I will for sure be telling everyone to support this album when it drops. Be sure to keep an eye out for this album, and jump on the wolfi train before he blows up!

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