• Camie Dudziak

Blonde // Waterparks (10/22/17)

In lieu of Waterpark’s U.S. headlining tour and the freshly announced album, set to come out January 26th of 2018, they dropped a new single, “Blonde.” I’ve had the opportunity to see Waterparks both open and headline, as well as brief conversations with Awsten and Geoff (sorry, Otto), and they are easily one of my favorite bands. Blonde, in my opinion, completely encompasses their unique energy and individuality. The song is upbeat and fast-passed, being sung by Awsten Knight in the same way I imagine his tweets being read.

To me, this band is characteristically funny and energetic. They have a charm about them that puts anyone in an upbeat mood while listening to their music or experiencing their shows. This song does a great job at just that. While I have heard some mixed reviews, I think they did an incredible job at growing as musicians from their last album, Double Dare, while still holding on to their personal sound. It’s impossible not to dance (or, in my case, tap a foot) to this new single.

If you are a fan of Waterpark’s sound, this song is fits right in. If you’re looking for some new upbeat bands, I completely recommend Waterparks. While they’re not for everyone, they are extraordinary at the sound they are attempting to achieve.

Overall, while Blonde isn’t my favorite song they have ever released, it is a single, and it makes me very excited to see them on tour this fall and to hear the album this winter!

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