• Camie Dudziak

Chardonnay // Caye (5/22/18)

Caye dropped another new single last night, Chardonnay, and announced that his next album, Pink Tree Paradise, will be released June 1st. As you can probably tell from my last two reviews on Caye, I’m a huge fan of his voice and his style. It is completely different than what I normally listen to, but here’s the thing about his music – I can’t seem to peg it into a single genre. He has such a unique sound that is completely his own.

Whenever I listen to new music, I find myself making lists in my head of “who would like this” and “who would think I’m crazy for playing this.” For my friends who are hardcore in the pop-punk scene, they’re not going to like Chardonnay. But, personally, I like versatility in my music, and there are so many people I can think of that will also love this song. All of his singles have been such great party songs for summer, making me so excited for the new album to come out.

This is one of my favorite releases from Caye. It’s much more low-key than his last two singles, the verses are smooth, and the production of the song overall is clean and well put together. If you don’t follow Caye, you should. I’m also a huge fan of every single picture he posts… but I guess we should just talk about the music…

Either way, if you’re looking for something to party to this summer, Caye is perfect. Like I said, his album comes out June 1st, so get excited!

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