• Camie Dudziak

Dead and Gone // State Champs (4/19/18)

This morning I had multiple people messaging me with their opinions on “Dead and Gone,” State Champ’s new single. Scrolling through twitter, I saw a mixture of responses to the band’s new song, mostly describing it as an “All Time Low song.” I finally sat down and listened to it for myself and I agree, the song does seem like it should be on All Time Low’s 2011 album Dirty Work, however this shouldn’t be seen as a bad thing. For State Champs, this song was a great move. The production is clean, the lyrics are catchy, and it generally sounds good. Like most singles, the song is to hype a new album. Their next album “Living Proof” is set to come out June 15th, and this song is a stepping stone between their last album, Around the World and Back, and this new album.

A single doesn’t need to be the best song on an album. In fact, in my opinion, it rarely is. Singles are typically more upbeat, catchy, and something to get the fans excited. That is exactly what State Champs did with this song. It also is a great listen if you’re just starting to get into the pop-punk scene. For me, the song did its intended purpose, it was made well, and it’s just an all-around good song, something that a crowd will know and sing along to at concerts. Maybe it is an “All Time Low song,” but it’s a successful one at that. I’m excited for the new album, and I can only hope that fans will give State Champs a chance to prove themselves.

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