• Camie Dudziak

dear insecurity (feat. Ben Abraham) // gnash

I had the opportunity to see and meet gnash for the first time in Indianapolis last weekend when he opened for All Time Low. He played multiple new and unreleased songs, including “dear insecurity,” which he finally dropped last night.

I listened through all of gnash’s albums on the drive home, so I feel like it’s safe for me to say that “dear insecurity” is his best work yet. The song, featuring Ben Abraham, is very relatable to everyone listening. The lyrics flow well together, the acoustic guitar is rhythmic and steady, giving a calming feel, and paired with Abraham’s voice, the sad song becomes soothing. The production of the song is done very well, and he has definitely grown as an artist since his last album released in 2016. If you’re a sucker for acoustic songs like I am, this song is for you.

“dear insecurity” was immediately added to my playlists, and I’m very excited to see where gnash goes from here. Catch him on The Summer Ever After tour with All Time Low and Dashboard Confessional, he is great to watch live, and who knows, maybe you’ll find a new favorite artist (I know I did!).

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