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EP Review: Panic Vertigo // The Wrecks

The first time I saw The Wrecks I was in awe. I had waited in line for hours, stood at the barrier after VIP, and was waiting for All Time Low to come take the stage. When the boys in The Wrecks came on stage, I probably rolled my eyes and sighed because my feet were so sore and I just wanted to see the band I had come for. But when they started, I couldn’t help but pick up, and dare I say, dance along.

I immediately looked them up and was shocked to see that they only had three released songs. How could a band be touring the country with musicians as big as All Time Low with only three songs? That’s pure talent right there. I happened to be going to two dates of said tour, so the next day I made sure to record a song called James Dean, one that was not on their Spotify. It’s been months of listening to that record since then, waiting for the song to actually be released.

Well, they finally did it. The Wrecks released a new EP, named Panic Vertigo. James Dean is the second song on the EP, and you bet I immediately added it to my playlist. After I listened to it on repeat a couple times, I decided to listen to the rest of the songs, and let me tell you, I was not disappointed.

I’m not going to try to tell you that the EP is for everyone – it’s not. I texted the link to a few people who I knew would love it, but I also knew who not to send it to. But their new music has done something for me today that music hasn’t done for me lately – it made me smile, jam along, and crave more. Even their songs about breakups are upbeat, and instead of feeling sad, you feel empowered just by the sheer sound of it (I’m listening to Way With Words as I write this, which is the song I’m referring to).

Here’s the thing – if you exclusively like country, pop, hip-hop, etc., you’re probably not going to vibe with this EP. I know who I’ll play these songs for, and who I’ll skip it when I’m with them. But music isn’t made for everyone, it’s about the musician, it’s about the stories, and if you can connect to it, great! I’m really, really glad. Find songs that make you feel something. That’s all I can ask. That’s all a musician can ask. And for me, this EP did just that.

As I sit in the airport in Boston, waiting for my flight to take off to take me across the country for, you guessed it, a concert, in my leather jacket, ripped jeans, and combat boots, I’ve never felt more aesthetically myself, especially with this EP as the soundtrack. That’s something that music has given me.

So, The Wrecks, congratulations boys. Make sure you listen to them before they blow up. Who knows, with a total of 8 songs now, they might just start selling out arena shows.

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