• Camie Dudziak

From the Outside // Real Friends (6/6/18)

Illinois pop-punk band Real Friends dropped a new single on June 4th. “From The Outside” is very obviously a personal song to the band, specifically to lead singer Dan Lambton. The band has always been very upfront about mental health and the struggles they face, and this song is a very direct way of discussing mental illness and the effects it can have, which I, personally, really appreciate it. It’s a stepping stone towards addressing real issues that need to be talked about more in the music industry.

While the song is about a sensitive topic, Real Friends still stayed true to their rock roots, making the song upbeat and, honestly, a bop. The drums in particular caught my interest. They bring your attention to the beat, and very simply put, they’re killer. The single has a great foundation instrumentally, and Dan Lambton did a great job lyrically and vocally, tying everything together.

Being from Chicago, I’ve been able to see Real Friends at various local shows, whether they’re playing or just hanging out. They’re also playing Warped Tour this summer, and if you’re looking for the heart of pop-punk, Real Friends is the band to go see. Make sure you check out “From The Outside” out now!

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