• Camie Dudziak

Fuck Up // Tana Mongeau

YouTube star Tana Mongeau just released a new song, “Fuck Up” and it’s actually so relatable. Going into it, I was expecting something like her infamous “Hefner,” but this new song is personal, sounds good, and is well put together.

It’s hard for a YouTuber to go from videos to music without getting backlash. I’m a huge Tana Mongeau fan just because everyone always tells me I’m so much like her (Tana, wanna collab?) and I definitely got my fair share of storytimes. So maybe I’m biased in saying this, but if she wants to dabble in music, why not? If you got the means to do it, go for it.

Maybe she’s using her YouTube clout to get her music up-and-running, but at the end of the day, people won’t listen to music more than once if they don’t like it. So if the music is successful, it’s for the music.

My favorite lyric of the song is “it’s like I gotta lose me or I lose you,” and I just wanted to throw this in there because it’s so relatable right now, and I’m sure everyone else has someone they can relate that lyric to.

Congrats to Tana for releasing a great song, one I’m definitely adding to my playlists. Go check out “Fuck Up” now!

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