• Camie Dudziak

IDWK // DVBSS x Blackbear

Here’s a review on a single by artists I’ve never had on this account. DVBBS and Blackbear dropped a new hot single “IDWK” on June 1st, and it’s a great party track for this summer. The vibe of the song is much more upbeat, giving it a club feel and makes you want to dance, despite the lyrics being more of a break-up track.

I tend to stand by the fact that singles are just never as good as tracks off an album. Personally, I think this song is going to be a hit because of the nature of the song and the timing of the release, but musically and lyrically it’s not my favorite by Blackbear (I’ve never listened to DVBBS so I can’t speak on that part). It’s very repetitive, which is good for a party track, but it’s not great to just sit down and listen to.

Recently, Blackbear has been one of my favorite artists, but I tend to listen to his older music. IDWK will be added to my Summer 2018 playlist, but probably not just my normal every-day playlist. However, I’m so glad to see Blackbear back and releasing music.

Give the song a listen and form your own opinion! I would love to hear what you think of the single.

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