• Camie Dudziak

Issues: Headspace Tour Boston, MA (10/6/17)

Issues is currently on the Headspace Tour, a co-headliner tour with The Devil Wears Prada and multiple opening bands including Too Close To Touch. Their “Boston” show was held at the Palladium in Worcester, MA. The reason I put Boston in quotations is because Worcester is an hour and a half minimum train ride from the Yawkey train station (in close proximity to Fenway Park in Boston). Calling this a Boston date is just not accurate. From Chicago, Milwaukee is roughly an hour and a half away, and you never hear artists call a Milwaukee show a Chicago show. Despite the bit of a commute to the Palladium from Boston, the venue itself is in a nice neighborhood and a close walk from the train station (although, this opinion might change in the middle of winter). Given that this was my first time at this venue, and the fact that I was extremely late to the actual concert (thanks, train), I don’t have much to say about the venue in itself. This can be taken as a good thing, though, since I don’t have any initial complaints other than the distance from the city. I will review the venue in greater detail when I am there in November.

Now on to the review of the actual concert! Like I said, I was extremely late to the actual show, so I missed the majority of the openers. I did get to see The Devil Wears Prada and Issues in full, which is where I will be focusing my opinions. I went to the concert never having heard a single song by TDWP, and to tell you the truth, I was not impressed. No part of me thought, “wow, I want to listen to them after this show” or, “that’s a good song! What’s it called?” The only time they interacted with the crowd was to say a stereotypical “fuck Donald Trump” metal band comment. While I appreciate it, they could’ve put more effort into interacting with the crowd.

As for Issues, I knew one song of theirs by heart (which coincidentally happened to be the first song of their setlist). I have seen Issues open for other bands multiple times, and I am always impressed by their interactions with the crowd, even though supporting bands have less time to do anything other than play their music. Seeing them headline was a completely different. While I wish they would have spent more time talking to the crowd, it was obvious that they cared about what they were doing and enjoying their experience. I didn’t know the songs, but I was still able to enjoy my time and “rock out” with their die-hard fans. I, personally, am a sucker for acoustic songs, and while I wish they had spent some time slowing it down, I completely understand that it does not align with their genre or their intent for the crowd.

Now, for the crowd themselves, my go to explanation is that it was “wild.” The pits were huge and constant from the second I got there to when the show ended. The energy never died down for a second, there were crowd surfers everywhere and during every song. You could tell everyone was there for the music, and that is one of my favorite feelings in the world.

All in all, the concert was decent for me. I think if I had been a bigger fan of Issues I would have loved the show, but since I wasn’t, I wanted to get to know the band more, which they failed to do since they rarely spoke to the crowd. However, the energy was great, and the music was good.

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