• Camie Dudziak

Lucky People // Waterparks (12/13/17)

I woke up this morning to a text linking me to Waterparks’ new song Lucky People, and a message saying, “you will love this the moment you hear it. Not even one second in and I know you’ll love it.” Well, that person was right. I am a complete sucker for acoustic songs, and I am also a sucker for Awsten Knight singing acoustic songs, so I absolutely adore this new release.

Unlike a classic upbeat Waterparks single, this song is low-key and leaves the listener reminiscing on those they love. A unique feature to this song is that it can be a sappy love song, or it can be mournful and sad, depending on the perspective of the viewer. The band themselves state that “this is the most happy Jason Mraz ass song you ever saw. Also the saddest. You decide…” This leaves the song room to grow and adapt to different scenarios, making it a go-to for any mood one might be in.

The vibe of the song is also perfect for the holidays, and the music video demonstrates this with the use of Christmas lights. On my flight from Boston to Chicago next week I will be sure to have this song on replay as I prepare for the holidays, and I believe that will be common among other Waterparks fans.

If you couldn’t tell by this review, I am in love with this song, however it definitely isn’t for everyone. If you’re into heavier music, this isn’t a song for you. But if you can get in your emotions for two minutes and 55 seconds, I highly recommend checking out Lucky People.

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