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MANTRA // Bring Me The Horizon

Believe it or not, I’m a huge Bring Me The Horizon fan. Shocking, right? Given the music I’ve been reviewing lately? But I actually own a horse named Bring Me The Horizon, who I lovingly call Oli.

With that said, I haven’t listened to them in a while. Their last album, That’s The Spirit, came out in 2015, and in that time my music taste has changed as I’ve grown as a person. However, their new song “MANTRA” shows that BMTH has done some growing of their own.

Listening to the song takes me back to the Sempiternaldays, with a taste of That’s The Spirit’s production. It’s very much so a Bring Me The Horizon song, there’s nothing really shocking about it. But, at least no one can complain that they’re changing their sound, right? That was a big issue between Sempiternal and That’s The Spirit.

The growth I mentioned isn’t in the sound of the single, but the production. “MANTRA” has a lot of elements to it, from the instrumentals, the vocals, and everything in between. But it flows seamlessly together, making the song sound clean and put together while still having a lot going on.

Bring Me The Horizon has also announced a new tour, and while I’ve strayed from heavier music in the last year or so, you might still catch me in the crowd, acting like I’m 14 again and pretending to be edgy with the BMTH backpack I had in high school.

I’m excited to see what the band has to offer, and if they will stick to what they know or expand their sound in their next album. Stay tuned to find out.

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