• Camie Dudziak

Mine is Gold // State Champs (5/24/18)

State Champs dropped a third single in preparation for their upcoming album, “Living Proof,” out June 15th. Mine Is Gold premiered today on Billboard, accompanied with a behind-the-scenes type music video.

In my opinion, out of the three released singles, Mine Is Gold has the strongest verses, but I prefer the chorus’ in Crystal Ball and Dead and Gone better. Don’t get me wrong, the entire song is still a bop, but the tempo change of the chorus just threw me off and wasn’t as strong as what they’ve released previously. The song overall still stays true to the band and the image they’re putting out, and the album is going to be just what the pop-punk scene needs right now.

I still strongly believe that Derek DiScanio is one of the best vocalists in the scene right now, and I think the band is really showcasing their overall talent with these singles. I’m hoping that with the album, their talent will just shine through some more.

Catch State Champs on Warped Tour this summer, and get ready for Living Proof to come out on June 15th! The single is up on billboard currently, and will be out everywhere else soon.

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