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Never Sure // Mayday Parade (5/15/18)

Can we talk about how incredible Mayday Parade is at being able to turn a song about the cruelty of heartbreak into an upbeat, pop-punk bop? Never Sure, their newest released single, has the characteristics of A Lesson in Romantics, where the lyrics are “sad emo love,” as someone explained to me, yet the beat, the guitar, and the melody are so upbeat you won’t be able to help but sing and dance along.

The band is growing and changing, but they’re also sticking to their roots, and it completely works for them. As I said, this song reminds me of A Lesson in Romantics, but I, for one, am not mad about that. It’s such a Mayday Parade song, I have no other way to explain it. It’s a great single, with (unfortunately) very relatable lyrics (ouch), and it is going to translate so well into a live show.

Their album “Sunnyland” is set to drop on June 15th, and if Never Sure and their last single, Piece of Your Heart, are any indication of how the album is going to sound, I’m so beyond excited. Mayday Parade is one of my favorite bands to see live, and I can’t wait to jam to these songs about love and heartbreak all summer long on Warped Tour.

A little self-promo here, but speaking of Warped Tour, I will be flying out to California for the Ventura date so that I can see all of my favorite bands, but I will also be working at 5 different dates this summer! St. Louis, Toronto, Chicago, Milwaukee, and Indiana… See you there! As well as that, I will be working Spring Awakening in Chicago, June 8th-10th. And finally, I will be at Lollapalooza on Thursday, August 2nd (for All Time Low, of course), and in Indianapolis on August 5th to see All Time Low on their upcoming tour! If you’re at any of these dates, come say hi!

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