• Camie Dudziak

Not Warriors // Waterparks (1/18/18)

A final taste into Waterpark’s upcoming album Entertainment was released a few days ago, a single called Not Warriors. This song encompasses the growth this band has accomplished since they started, and even since their last album, Double Dare. Holistically, the song is one of the best the band has released. The vocals, the lyrics, the guitar, the drums, and the overall production are all something the band should be proud of. More upbeat than last single Lucky People, while still providing the listener with emotional lyrics to relate with, the song gives some insight into the vibe of the new album, something I am personally very excited to hear.

While the band is improving and growing, they are still capable of keeping their original, unique Waterparks style, something their fan base should be pleased about. They are staying true to themselves, yet allowing for new ideas and new techniques to take over in the song writing process. If you are someone who wasn’t a previous fan of Waterparks, I would recommend listening to this song with an open mind. It truly is one of those songs that can change your outlook on a band.

Entertainment comes out January 26th, and I know I cannot wait to see how the band has developed their sound.

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