• Camie Dudziak

PinkTree // Caye (5/4/18)

Last night was a big night of music, and there will be a lot of reviews over the next couple days. To start it off, Caye released a new single, PinkTree, and as I spend my last week in Boston preparing for the summer, it is definitely a song that will be added to my “Summer 2018” playlist. A few weeks ago, I talked about his last release, Easy, and PinkTree is consistent with Caye’s personal vibe whiles still being different enough to keep listeners interested. The only way I can think to describe this song is that it’s perfect for those pointless drives, windows rolled down, partying with your friends, summer nights.

I’m absolutely obsessed with Caye’s voice, and how it fits so well with the genre he’s writing for. As I’ve mentioned before, I got to see him open for SoMo on his previous tour, and he’s someone I would love to tour with/work for one day (Caye… hmu). Definitely someone to look out for, and definitely a musician I would add to your party playlists. If you want something chill yet still upbeat, check out PinkTree.

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