• Camie Dudziak

Rhythm Of Your Heart // Marianas Trench (12/8/17)

Canadian rock band Marianas Trench surprised everyone by dropping a new single last night at midnight. The band, not having released new music since releasing their album Astoria in 2015, stuck with the 80s-theme presented in their last album. Rhythm of Your Heart is an upbeat song, fitting right in with other independent singles created by lead singer Josh Ramsay, such as Pop 101 and Here’s to the Zeros, both released in 2014.

Just as a disclaimer, I have been a fan of Marianas Trench since 2012, and little 13-year-old me attended my first concert ever at House of Blues Chicago to see them, where I fell in love with concerts and music and show-production. Along with that, they were also my first tattoo, reading, ‘”perfect porcelain” on my arm. They are a huge reason that I am here, writing this right now on concert-review account. A lot of who I am as a person is because of them, and I am forever grateful.

Despite my obvious love for them, I can be extremely critical of their music. There are songs that others absolutely love that I will skip every single time. Rhythm of Your Heart will not be one of those songs. While I was slightly disappointed that they stuck with the 80s-theme from two years ago, I admit that I listened to the song multiple times and just understood that this was an iconic Marianas Trench single. I bopped around my dorm room like I was 13 again, and if a song can get me out of my chair and full of energy, it’s doing a great job. This wasn’t supposed to be deep or emotional, it was supposed to be fun, and they achieved that.

New single means new album which means new tour, right? Please? I am so excited for what’s to come with this band, and can only hope that the future will be even more successful than the past.

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