• Camie Dudziak

SCREWS // DREAMERS (5/26/18)

There has been a lot of great new releases this weekend, including DREAMERS’ latest single, SCREWS. I haven’t spent much time listening to DREAMERS, but I have seen them live a few times and I’ve always been impressed. With their recent tour announcement, I decided it was finally time to actually listen to the band.

I read their “about” section on Spotify, and the band identifies themselves as a rock band, which I don’t entirely see, but to each their own. This single is definitely not a rock song, it’s more alternative-pop. Despite that, the song is great. The synth combined with the drums and the production of the vocals gives the song its alternative vibe. The upbeat chorus is going to make the song a fun one to see played live. On top of that, the guitar solo toward the end of the single gives it an edgier appeal.

I’m glad I’m finally getting around to listening to their music, as they are a really cool band to watch play live, even just as openers. I’m guessing they’ll be even better as a headliner. Catch them on their U.S. headlining tour this September and October!

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