• Camie Dudziak

Smiling On The Surface // Real Friends

Real Friends is back with another new single, Smiling On The Surface, as well as announcing a new upcoming album, Composure, set to drop on July 13th. Following their last release, From The Outside, the song continues the conversation of mental health, something close to Real Friends as a band. While the song contains emotional and honest lyrics, it stays true to the band’s pop-punk style.

The Illinois natives say this album will be their best to date, and judging from these two singles off of Composure, I can already agree. They bring a much more mature style to their sound and they’re addressing issues that need to be talked about, especially in the pop-punk scene.

Composure was produced by Mike Green, who has worked with bands such as Paramore and All Time Low. It is evident that with the help of Green, Real Friends have been able to get a harness on their sound, focusing more on what they know and are good at, while still growing as a band and individual musicians.

Smiling On The Surface is definitely not the heaviest song Real Friends has released, but it is something they’re obviously good at. On top of that, the production is clean and overall, it just sounds good. They were able to release a good song, and that’s really all a band can ever hope for.

Mark your calendars for July 13th, and make sure you see Real Friends on tour this summer! Of course, I’m always rooting happy for my hometown bands.

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