• Camie Dudziak

The Maine: The Modern Nostalgia Tour Boston, MA (11/8/17)

On Tuesday, November 7th, The Maine brought The Modern Nostalgia Tour to The Palladium in Worcester, MA. On this tour, The Maine performed two albums in their entirety: first, their newest album Lovely Little Lonely, followed by American Candy, released in 2015. They were supported by the bands Dreamers and Night Riots. Unfortunately, I missed Night Riots completely and saw only a small portion of Dreamers’ set due to scheduling. However, I will say that despite missing the majority of Dreamers’ set, they impressed me with their stage presence and their music in general, and I will definitely be listening to more of their music.

I don’t exactly know how to describe the vibe of The Maine. They just – are. They are The Maine. As I sit here writing this, wearing my “I Like a Band Called The Maine” shirt I purchased last night and looking at my “Anywhere is Home” tattoo on my ankle, I think it is safe to say I love this band. However, it is not a die-hard fandom type of love. It is more of a mutual understanding between the band and their fans that I think is completely unique to them and their fan base. When you know, you know. This is how I have always felt at their shows. Whether it be on Warped Tour, opening for Mayday Parade, or headlining, there is always such a calm understanding between everyone in the crowd and them themselves. That being said, the crowd is anything but still. While their fans are primarily older, the excitement is undeniable and there’s an energy that never diminishes throughout the show. This comes from the connection between the musicians up on stage and the crowd. Everyone is creating this incredible experience together, and it feels like you belong.

As for The Maine themselves, they have an impeccable stage presence. While they didn’t have much time to interact with the crowd during the set (because, let’s face it, two albums are a lot of songs), they still captured the entire audience, making it feel like home. Their set up is amazing, the way they interact with one another is enticing, and overall, it is safe to say that The Maine always puts on a show that leaves me thinking, “wow, that was one of the best concerts I’ve ever been to.”

If you’ve never been to a show put on by The Maine, or even listened to the music, I thoroughly believe that you are missing out. There’s an opportunity here to become so enchanted by music, don’t let that pass you by.

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