• Camie Dudziak

The Wounded World // As It Is (5/17/18)

As It Is has finally announced their newest project: an album, “The Great Depression,” set to be released on August 10th. Today, they dropped the first single of the album, “The Wounded World,” as an introduction into their new sound. The British pop-punk band is undergoing a rebranding of their style, and it is completely evident in their new song.

The Wounded War sides more with Punk than Pop, especially adding the screaming element toward the end of the single. It is much more “angsty” than their past work, but it fits with the message of the song and what they’re trying to convey. I’m a little sad to see the happy-go-lucky Patty Walters go, or at least, the version of him I have in my head from some brief conversations with him after shows, but I will always encourage bands like As It Is to experiment with their music in order to ultimately find the message that they want to portray.

If you swipe right, you can see what the band themselves have to say about the upcoming album. Trying to paraphrase what they’ve worked so hard to create would be an injustice to the band, so read for yourself what they have to say. I’m excited for this new As It Is era, and they’re definitely a band I’m going to want to catch on Warped Tour this summer!

The Great Depression is available for preorder, and you can listen to The Wounded World now! They also have released a music video that you should go check out even though I, personally, just don’t watch music videos in general, but if you’re into it, go watch!

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