• Camie Dudziak

Waterparks: Made In America Tour Chicago, IL (11/28/17)

Waterparks is currently on their second U.S. headlining tour, the Made in America Tour, supported by As It Is, Chapel, and Sleep On It. Their Chicago show on November 22nd was held at the House of Blues, a big step up from their first tour earlier this year, which was at Beat Kitchen, one of the smallest venues in Chicago. As you would expect from any Waterparks show, they filled the venue with extreme energy.

I arrived at the show during Sleep On It’s set, and, to be honest, I wasn’t that impressed by them or by Chapel. They weren’t bad, but it didn’t leave me dying to buy their music. They both had a good stage presence and kept my attention, but it wasn’t because of the music. As It Is, however, blew me away. I had only listened to two of their songs, both on the way to the venue that same day. While they were performing, I found myself looking through their Spotify and downloading songs as they were playing them. To me, THAT is a good opener. They not only caught me by their music, but by their ability to make the stage and the crowd their own, even though they were not the headliners.

As for Waterparks, I will always have a special place in my heart for them. Awsten Knight, the front-man of the band, has an irreplaceable charisma throughout the entire show with a sense of humor that keeps the audience entranced in everything he is doing. A good show is not only good music, but a good interaction between the crowd and the musicians. Waterparks has mastered that skill ceaselessly, and every time I see them I am laughing hysterically while dancing to my favorite songs.

The crowd, however, is made up of young girls who really should not be in a crowd at all. Their “moshing” made the older side of the crowd (older being maybe 17+) a little uncomfortable, and the same 3 people were crowd surfing the entire time (concert etiquette, people. That’s a no-no). Other than that, no one ever stops moving and the vibe stays energetic the entire night, which is a fun feeling.

Overall, I always love Waterparks’ shows because of how unique the band makes them. If you ever need a feel-good energy, go out to the Made in America tour (I will be again, tomorrow in Boston).

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