• Camie Dudziak

Waterparks: Made In America Tour (& Concert Safety) Boston, MA (11/30/18)

Originally my plan for this post was going to be comparing Waterpark’s Boston show to their Chicago show. Both were great shows, but something happened during the Boston date that I feel is important to address.

During the encore, a girl in the back of the crowd began to have a seizure. While terrifying for everyone involved, this isn’t unusual at shows. They’re packed, hot, rough, plus flashing lights and overwhelming noise, all of which can trigger a seizure. While I am not a doctor, I want to share some basic ways to handle this situation if you ever have to experience this.

Before I start, I just want to give huge props to Awsten, Geoff, Otto, security, Paradise Rock Club, and everyone in the crowd. The situation was handled as well as it possibly could.

When someone falls and is unconscious, whether it be a seizure or fainting or anything, everyone around the area needs to form a barricade around them giving them space so that no one will trample them. Signal to the band to stop and immediately tell security. If you see one person motioning at the band to stop their set, join in without a second thought and get those around you to do the same. Once the band noticed this, they immediately stopped their set and asked what was happening and got attention from the rest of the crowd. I cannot stress this enough, but GIVE THE PERSON SPACE, especially if it is something as serious as a seizure. It’s hard enough to have space in a crowd, but it’s better for you to be uncomfortable than for a situation like that to get worse because people are crowding where they shouldn’t be. If something is needed, announce it to the crowd: water, sugar, etc. Someone will have it. Let them through so that they can help. While all of this is going on, stay absolutely silent and do not move. Do not try to leave the venue, do not scream, do not talk to those around you. Loud noises are a precursor to seizures, so do not make it worse by talking. Like I said, I have mad respect for Waterparks and their fans after last night. No one said a single word, no one moved a muscle. It is so difficult to do that in a stressful situation, but it was handled very well.

From what I understand, the girl is okay. All my love goes to her. Stay safe in those crowds. Stay hydrated. If you feel like you might faint or that something is wrong, move away from the crowd and get a space to yourself where you can also get water.

Take care of each other. Look out for one another. Keep concerts a safe space for everyone, and do what you can to ensure that at every single show.

I hope this helps in some way, shape, or form. Please, please, please be safe.

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